To open your mouth

Sevillan fat olives
Potatoes from Sanlúcar
Prawn salad
Salad of the house
The brave of El Panzón
Salmorejo cordobés
Duck Micuit with truffle and fruit compote

Of cans, salted meats, cold meats and cheeses

Acorn-fed Iberian ham
Cane of loin
Iberian sausage
Anchovies from the Bay of Biscay
Giant mussel
Toasted guacamole with smoked sardines

From the field

Asparagus from Navarra with smoked
Seasonal tomato with Melva
Lettuce salad with grilled chicken, bacon, parmesan, tostones and caesar sauce
Peppered with melva canutera
Artichokes with foie gras


Cod tacos
Pontanian style combs
Little birds in the garden
(fried vegetables with prawn tails)
Croquette of the week
Flamenquín Cordobés
Ask for fish out of the letter


Tuna tataki with soy mayonnaise
False lasagna with Iberian cheek
Medallions of sirloin steak with ajonegro and Pasa de Los Palacios
Salmon tartare with truffle mayonnaise
Tail timpani of bull and creamy potato
Fried shrimp with roasted peppers and egg
Baby beans with Iberian ham and egg
Potato omelette with whiskey sauce
Our version of sirloin with whysky

Of Pot and time

Potatoes with choco
Chickpeas with shrimp
Ask for the stew of the day


Iberian prey
Iberian pen
Iberian pork tender loin
Beef tenderloin
Beefsteak (high loin)
Premium T-bone steak
Chicken barbecue
Ask today’s roasts
(leg, shoulder, suckling pig)

For the little ones

Chicken tears
Chicken Nuggets


Table of chocolates
Brioche bread torrija, dulce de leche and vanilla ice cream
Nutella and nuts brownie, hot with pistachio cream
Rice with coconut milk
Pina Colada
(Grilled pineapple sponge cake, with coconut ice cream and almond crumble)
Natural fruit
(ask the waiter)

El Panzón Restaurant

Creative cuisine Sevillana