The Chef


Our Restaurant, located in Los Remedios, in front of the Princes Park, is a cozy place closely related to wood and full of charming details.
El Panzón, a place created to serve our customers, friends and family at all times as we would like to be treated.

Open uninterrupted from 8 in the morning until past midnight.


Our traditional cuisine, reinvented by David Carballo, responsible for El Panzón stoves, will delight you with exquisite tapas, dishes, rations, fried foods and top quality cold cuts, as it could not be otherwise thanks in part to the requirement in the selection of the best products of our land.


Papas aliñas de Sanlúcar, prawn or house salad, El Panzón bravas, cordovan salmorejo or duck micuit with truffle and fruit compote, are some of our tapas.


Also Laterío, salted meats and cold meats such as Iberian ham, loin, Cantabrian anchovies, giant mussels or toasted guacamole with smoked sardines.


From the countryside we find the asparagus of Navarra with smoked, seasonal tomato with melva, ceasar salad with grilled chicken, bacon and parmesan, peppered with melva or the artichokes with foie gras.


Fritters such as chocos, cod tacos, anchovies or combs in the style of pontenes (fried aubergines in the style of Puente Genil), little birds in the garden (fried vegetables with shrimp tails), croquette of the week or flamenquín cordobés.


Among the specialties we can find tuna tataki with soy mayonnaise, fake lasagna with an Iberian cheek, sirloin medallions with ajonegro with raisins from Los Palacios, a bull and creamy potato kettledrum, a potato omelette with whiskey sauce, fried shrimp with roasted peppers and egg, baby beans with Iberian ham and egg or the sirloin steak with whiskey.


Their strength is Iberian meats and they are prepared on the grill. Iberian pork, Iberian feather, Iberian pork or veal sirloin steak, chicken steak, premium beef steak or steak entrecôte (high loin). Ask for roasts (leg, shoulder, suckling pig). For the kids they have burger, chicken tears or chicken nuggets.


The desserts are homemade and highlights the nutella brownie and hot walnuts with pistachio cream, brioche bread toast, the exquisite chocolates table, the dulce de leche and vanilla ice cream, rice with coconut milk or the pineapple sponge cake with ice cream of coconut and almond crumble.


We also have, as it could not be otherwise, an extensive wine list where we can find reds, whites, rosés, cavas, generous, olorosos, chamomiles or amontillados.

El Panzón Restaurant

Creative cuisine Sevillana